Honeycomb Candy

Super easy honeycomb candy!!!

(Adapted from Martha Stewart)

Amount of Candy: 3 cups of candy

Estimated Cost Per Batch: $1.25


- non stick cooking spray

- 1 & 1/2 cups granulated sugar

- 1/4 cup honey

- 1/4 water

- 1 tbsp baking soda


1) Coat a rimmed baking sheet with non stick cooking spray.

2) In a medium sized sauce pan add in the sugar, water, and honey. Stir together with a slotted spoon.

3) Turn up the heat until the mixture begins to boil and then drop the temperature to about low-medium.

4) Continue stirring constantly until the liquid reaches 300 degrees on your candy thermometer.

5) Remove the sauce pan from the heat and stir in the baking soda until it starts to bubble.

6) Pour the liquid over your coated baking sheet.

7) Allow the mixture to cool for at least 15-25 minutes.

8) Break into pieces.

9) Enjoy and store in an air tight container!